Why Winter is the Perfect Time for a Road Trip

Roadway running alongside mountain covered in snow

When you’re planning an upcoming road trip and are trying to determine the best time of year to go, consider the winter months.

While you may be concerned about driving conditions or not having full access to National Parks, roads remain drivable throughout much of the Western United States in the winter and most parks are open all year long.

A winter road trip will also provide you and your family with several advantages that include less traffic and roadwork on highways, less people at National Parks, cheaper gas and more.

You’ll get to your destination quicker

While there is certainly something to be said for traveling without a time limit and taking in all that nature has to offer, we realize you have things you want to get done on your road trip.

When you take a trip in the winter months, you’ll be able to get where you need to go more quickly, as there are less tourists on the road and usually less road work being done.

While we still encourage you to wonder in awe at the beauty you see through your car windows, it can be done in a more efficient fashion by vacationing in the “offseason”.

There are less people at parks

Another reason to choose a wintertime road trip is that there will be less people at National Parks and tourist destinations.

Tourist season ends in early to mid-September, giving you the advantage of enjoying your favorite parks with less drivers on park roads, less people taking pictures in front of sights and more.

Not only will the crowds be diminished with kids going back to school, but prices to enter certain parks can be lower as well!

So take that bucket list trip to the Grand Canyon and know you’ll be able to soak in all the views without being bothered by large crowds.

Gas is cheaper

As if there weren’t enough advantages already, taking a trip in the winter can actually help you save on gas as well.

Gas prices are usually lower in the winter months because there is less of a demand for it when people are traveling less.

And a little-known fact, there are actually summer and winter blends of gas that are distributed across the United States, with the winter blend being a slightly cheaper option.

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