Which MeerKat Model is Right for You?

MeerKat CampingAhh, camping. A chance to commune with nature; an opportunity to rejuvenate one’s inner spirit and free the mind; a valid excuse to consume an absurd number of s’mores. Whatever the reason may be, camping is a staple summer activity that has been enjoyed by most everyone for centuries.

It may, however, be fair to say that much of modern society has moved beyond the point of wanting to be one with the Earth by sleeping directly on the ground. It is human, after all, to crave comfort wherever we go. But there are so many options for camping accommodations these days that it can be a confusing world to navigate.

So…where do we start?

Well, if you’ve come to this page then you’ve already determined that MeerKat is the best place to go. Congratulations! But wait, there’s more than one MeerKat model to choose from?! Oh, no! Just when you thought things were getting easy.

Hey, hey—no need to fret, we’ve got you covered. Let us simplify things, and walk you through the features of each model, and how they differ, so we can figure out which Kat is the best fit for you!

The MeerKat

If you’re looking for basic convenience and comfort with a little more space and a few extra amenities, the MeerKat fits the bill. At 920lbs, it’s relatively light and easily maneuvered. You can even store it right in your garage! Tow it in with nearly any standard four-cylinder car, then just unhook it and push it into place by hand.

It’s large enough to stand up in, and comfortably fits two adults on a roller system bed. It comes equipped with a camp stove, icebox, sink, fan and a porta potty. The MeerKat also comes with plenty of storage room (so you don’t have to skimp on the marshmallows) in an overhead compartment, under the dining seats and even a small closet. It also has three opening windows with blinds, in case you don’t rise quite as early as the sun. The MeerKat is perfect for a small family looking for just enough space in a home away from home.

 The CampKat

We like to refer to the CampKat as the MeerKat’s little brother. If you’re looking for basic comfort and want to leave the rest up to nature, this is your guy. Just like his brother, the CampKat is easily stored, maneuvered and towed, especially because it has an overall smaller height and width. It also sleeps two adults and offers a galley area in the back (again we stress—s’mores storage).

Instead of windows it has two oversized doors with screens, so you can still hangout inside and feel that fresh summer breeze. Like the MeerKat, there’s interior lighting, cabinet space and a fan. Think of the CampKat as a comfy bed on wheels, with a little extra room for storage. While it doesn’t include quite as much equipment as the MeerKat, if you’re looking for a compact and easy setup to retreat to at the end of the night, then the CampKat has all you need.

Whether you need some extra room to play wit, or just a snug little home for when the nights get cold, MeerKat has you covered. Check out some photos of what we offer or build your own Kat to your specifications! To get started, just give us a call at our toll-free number today!