Unique Benefits of Small Travel Trailers

What if you could enjoy the comfort and luxury of an RV, but with a smaller footprint and a lower cost? With a small travel trailer, you can have all that and more. Here are just a few of the unique benefits of hitting the road with a small travel trailer:

Easy Towing

Most everyday vehicles, including minivans and SUVs, don’t have the capacity to tow a full-size RV. Small travel trailers, on the other hand, can be towed by just about any vehicle with a trailer hitch. What’s more, smaller trailers are much easier to maneuver, whether you’re stopping for gas or parking at your campsite.

Money Saving

In addition to being less expensive than full-size RVs, travel trailers also cost less money in gas to tow. While the cost of taking a long road trip in a big RV can add up fast, towing a travel trailer behind your car is typically far more cost-effective

Low Maintenance

Small travel trailers are much easier to maintain than full-size RVs. With fewer moving parts, they’re perfect for novice adventurers as well as those who prefer to keep things simple.

Cozy Atmosphere

On a family getaway or romantic trip, cozying up with the ones you love in a small trailer can be a truly special experience.

Your Choice of Campsites

Some campgrounds don’t allow larger RVs. Small travel trailers, however, don’t take up much more room than a tent, which allows travelers to choose from a broader range of campsites.

Now that you know more about the benefits of small travel trailers, it’s time to hit the road in a trailer of your own! Give us a call or contact us online to find your MeerKat trailer today!