Tips for Planning an Epic Road Trip with Your Dog

With things slowly getting back to normal, it’s time to take that epic road trip you’ve been dreaming of over the last year. If you’re one of the many people who made an addition to your family during quarantine by adopting a puppy, you probably have questions about bringing them along on a road trip.

No matter how long of a trip you’re planning, there are a few things you can do to ensure your pup is safe and happy as you traverse the country. Start planning today with these helpful tips that will ensure a trip you won’t soon forget.

Dog In Car

Have a plan for every situation

Although you never want to imagine it, things go wrong when you take your dog out into the world.

If you lose track of them for any reason, you’ll have a greater chance of them being returned by making sure their dog tags and microchip information are up to date. If you’ve moved recently or simply don’t have accurate information, it will make it more difficult for people to contact you. Make these simple updates so you won’t have to worry once you hit the road.   

Make sure they’ll be comfortable, entertained in the car

You’ll want to make sure your dog is ready and willing to take a long adventure in your vehicle. If this is their first time on a longer car ride, you should do a “test drive” to make sure they can handle an extended trip.

Take them on a trip to run errands or to a park a good distance away to see how they respond. If they are comfortable on the drive, they should be good to go for the trip.

Before taking off on your trip, it’s important to give your dog a comfortable place to sit, enough space so they don’t feel cramped and a few of their favorite toys to keep them occupied.

Plan fun stops along the way

Since you’ll be in the car for an extended period, you’ll need to make sure you plan fun things for them to do every few hours. Do your research before leaving and you’ll be sure to find several dog parks, state parks or even national parks where they can work off their pent-up energy. Bring along their favorite ball or toy to play fetch with, so they’ll feel comfortable when playing in the new surroundings.

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