Incorporate Your Trailer into Your Wedding

Are you getting married? Make your wedding unique by incorporating your teardrop trailer into your special day. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, your guests will love it if you include your teardrop trailer for a fun, vintage twist to your ceremony. Although it may be hard to picture, we promise that there are quite a few ways that your trailer can make an impact on your special day.

Here are a few ways that you can use your trailer on your wedding day:

Teardrop Trailers

Use Your Trailer as a Photo Booth Backdrop

With the right decorations, your trailer can make an excellent vintage photo backdrop for your guests. Add plants, string lights, rugs, and other comfy furniture to help set the scene. Your guests will love the creative backdrop.

Turn Your Trailer into a Bar

If you’re having a smaller wedding, your teardrop trailer will make a great bar. Decorate the trunk of your teardrop trailer with flowers, string lights, and other accessories to match your wedding decor. This is the perfect spot to store extra glasses, bottles of champagne, and glasses. You can make a creative bar setup for your guests to enjoy.

Elopement Ceremonies with Teardrop Trailers

A common trend that has been receiving more coverage this year has been teardrop trailer elopements. MJ Boyle of My Tiny House Village, located in Oregon Wine Country, had this creative idea and took the teardrop wedding concept to another level. Boyle will allow couples and their witnesses to order a cake, champagne, flowers, and photography services.

Plus, the best part yet, you can park the trailer anywhere! Even if you’re not getting married, you can take this opportunity to rent out your trailer to friends and family.

Honeymooning in a Teardrop Trailer 

Whether you’re planning for a longer honeymoon or a quick weekend getaway, your trailer will make the most intimate getaway. Imagine ending your wedding night by laying under the stars!

Purchasing a Teardrop Trailer

Regardless of if you’re getting married, purchasing a teardrop trailer is an excellent family investment. At MeerKat Trailers, our CampKat Teardrop Trailer and our MeerKat Trailer is perfect for any journey. Give us a call at (866) 977-7607 to learn more!