How to Winterize Your Travel Teardrop Trailer

Although we don’t experience any harsh winter conditions here in California, if you are planning to take a road trip to somewhere with more winter-like conditions, then you may want to take a few preventative steps to help winterize your teardrop trailer.

Whether you plan on taking a road trip, or you’re storing your teardrop trailer in a place that experiences cold weather, here is our guide to help you winterize your vehicle:

Antifreeze for RVs

When Should You Winterize Your Teardrop Trailer?

As a rule of thumb, you should be taking steps to winterize your trailer when temperatures fall below freezing for over 24 hours. In some states, winterizing can start as soon as September, while others may not need to take these steps at all. It’s always important to keep up with your local weather forecast, as well as the other areas you may be traveling to, and always be prepared to take steps to winterize your trailer.

Drain the Water Tank

One of the first steps to winterizing your trailer is to drain out all the water. Even a small amount of water left in your system can cause cracks if it freezes. First, open up your drain valves on your freshwater tank and gray water tank if you have one. Then, you’re going to want to open fixtures like your faucets, sprayers, and showers to help the water drain out.

If you want to take it a step further, try blowing compressed air through your lines to ensure that all moisture has been removed.

Add Antifreeze

Now that the water has been removed from your pipes, you’re going to want to add your antifreeze. There are specific types of antifreeze made for RVs, so make sure you read your labels carefully. Once you pour in your RV-safe antifreeze, turn your pump/pressure switch on and run your facet and sprayer until you see the color of the antifreeze flowing through.

Spring Maintenance

When the springtime rolls around again, you can drain any antifreeze left in your system and begin preparing for the new season! 

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