How You Can Keep Your Trailer Cool This Summer!

The summer temperatures can be extreme. To help you stay comfortable on the road and throughout your vacation, here are some of our best tips for keeping your trailer cool: 

Trailer with Awning

Use Reflectix in Your Windows and Cabinets 

One of the easiest ways to help cool down your trailer in the summer is to purchase reflectix for your trailer. Reflectix is a double-sided reflective film that contains air bubbles in the middle. This material can be cut and place in any window that faces the sun. You can also tape the reflectix on the outside of the windows. 

Park in the Shade 

Another easy way to keep your trailer cool in the summer is to keep it parked in the shade. Parking in the shade is the best way to keep your camper cool on a hot day, especially if you park at a high elevation. 

Have Your Awning Facing South/Southeast

For temperatures below 80-degrees, having your awning facing south/southeast should help keep your trailer cool. An awning is a great feature to add to your trailer, especially if you’re planning for summer travel. However, if you’re traveling to an area with high winds, you should probably keep your awning tucked away. 

Use an Awning Shade Cloth

As the sun begins to set, it will become difficult for your awning to provide continuous shade. Not only does putting a shade cloth on your awning add more shade, but it also adds a layer of privacy for your outdoor space. Remember, just like your awning, if it’s a windy day, you might want to avoid hanging up your shade cloth. 

Use Stand-Alone Fans

The more air movement you have, the cooler your trailer will feel. Stand-alone fans offer great airflow, especially in your travel trailers. 

If you need a new trailer to travel in this summer, don’t forget to contact Meer Kat Trailers to learn more about the trailers we sell! Each of our trailers is customizable and comes with features that will help keep you cool on a warm day.