Fun Fall Activities for Your Upcoming Mini RV Trip

Whether you have just purchased a mini-RV or are considering getting one soon, fall is one of the best times to take a road trip with this convenient traveling accessory.

Mini-RVs are perfect for road trips, camping trips, hiking trips or simply taking in all of the beauty that nature provides during this time of year.

When you’re planning an upcoming road trip for the fall season, consider these activities for a trip you won’t soon forget.

Fall Foliage

Take in the fall foliage

No matter what you plan on doing during your trip, make it a point to really take in the natural beauty that the fall offers. We suggest putting your phone or tablet down when you’re sitting in the passenger or backseat to take in the beauty of the changing leaves.

Look for a pumpkin patch

Nothing says fall more than pumpkins. Before heading out on your trip, see if there are any pumpkin patches near your route. If so, you’ll be sure to have a great time exploring the patch and will maybe even buy a few pumpkins to take home. Best of all, they can be easily transported in your mini-RV.

Explore a scenic trail

Although you’ll be able to see the fall foliage as you ride on the highway, you may still want to take it in fully by going for a walk or hike.

There’s nothing quite like taking in the fresh fall air, seeing the leaves fall right in front of you or hearing the crunch of leaves as you walk in the woods.

We suggest finding a few scenic trails on your route and stopping at one that fits your travel schedule. As an added tip, look for a trail with an overlook that will give you amazing views and a great place to take photos.

Find a comfortable camping site

What would a mini-RV trip be without camping? When you’re planning your mini-RV trip this fall, be sure to find comfortable camping spots along your route.

Whether you’re looking to relax and get a bonfire going, or simply want a place to crash with your RV for the night, finding the right campsite will play a huge role in the success of your trip.

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