Mini Camper and RV Trailer FAQ's

Q- What type of tow vehicle do I need?

A- We never recommend you exceed the tow rating stated by your vehicle manufacturer BUT with that said we have found that at 900 pounds just about any car can pull them. We have Scion XA’s; Prius’; Chevy Volts; Tesla’s all pulling MeerKats with no problem.    

Q- What is the difference between GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) and GAWR (gross axle weight rating)?

A- GVWR is what the trailer weighed when you bought it. 920 pounds. GAWR is the weight rating that your axles can hold. 2000 pounds.  So take the 2000 pounds that your trailers axle can carry, subtract the weight of the trailer 920 and that will equal 1080 pounds. That represents how much gear and water and food you can pack into your trailer. Nobody packs 1000 pounds of gear!

Q- What is tongue weight?

A- The tongue weight is the weight of the tongue of the trailer where you attach it to your car. 70 pounds is very light. Tongue weight can be affected by how Equipment that you attach to the tongue like a box or spare tire. It can also be affected by how you load your gear into the trailer. Gear that is loaded into the back of the trailer behind the axle will lighten the tongue weight and gear loaded in front of the axle will add to the tongue weight., think of a See-Saw

Q- Why don’t you mount a solar panel on top?

A- We believe a portable panel is better because you can park your trailer in the shade and aim the panel at the sun. There are also no holes drilled into your trailer to mount a panel and if it were to break it is easy to replace.

Q- Do you have an air conditioning option?

A- Officially no. We have found that with the insulation in the trailer and the 7 opening windows and the fan, it is not really necessary…..remember you are camping. For those of you that NEED it, we can install a port near the door and the portable zerobreeze unit works just fine. You can purchase them on line from the manufacturer at Zero Breeze battery operated air conditioner portable   It is handy to have a portable unit that way you do not need to carry the extra weight in the winter. 

Q- Why don’t you have a dealer network?

A- We tried that. We found that by keeping it factory direct we are able to keep the cost to the end user down. We can assist with shipping directly to you and if you absolutely need to see one first we have a large Ambassador program that consists of people all over the country that are willing to show you their MeerKat