How to Select a Travel Trailer for Families Traveling with Children

Family Enjoying a Picnic

Road trips make for some of the best family vacations. There’s nothing quite like packing up your favorite essentials and making the escape to the great outdoors. If you’re considering taking a road trip with your family, consider purchasing a travel trailer!

As you begin searching for your next trailer, here are some things you should be keeping in mind: 

How Much Sleeping Space Do You Need? 

After a long day filled with adventure, you’re going to need a place to rest comfortably. Trailers are an amazing way to travel because they give you a safe space to sleep at night. The size of your family will determine what size trailer you purchase.

Does Your RV Have a Bathroom? 

When you’re traveling with young children, it’s worth investing in a trailer that has a bathroom. Typically all you really need are a toilet and a sink. However, if you wish to have other amenities such as a shower and large vanity, you may want to consider a larger trailer option. 

What Kitchen Features Does the Trailer Have? 

When you’re camping, having somewhere to cook and prepare meals is important. Typically, your trailer will come with basic kitchen essentials that will make meal planning a lot easier. Most trailers, regardless of the size, comes with some sort of camp stove, sink and have the option of adding a refrigerator. 

Is There Room for Storage? 

If you’re traveling by trailer, packing lightly is a good habit to create. However, as a parent, you’re likely going to have to pack extra clothing options and supplies for your kids. Luckily, most travel trailers come with a great amount of space for storage, such as closets, cabinets, and extra storage boxes, so you can pack all of the essentials you may need with you on your trip. 

Are There Outlets to Charge Your Electronics? 

Although camping is a great way to spend some time off of your phone, you should still make sure that all of your electronics remain charged in the case of an emergency. Before purchasing your next travel trailer, make sure it has a way to charge all of your important electronics!

What Size Trailer Do You Need? 

At MeerKat Trailers, our MeerKat trailer is perfect for small families looking to take a road trip! This trailer has everything you need for a successful road trip, including the ability to be stored in a garage, stand-up headroom, easy setup, a port potty, hanging closets, tons of storage, and more! 

Plus, you can customize it just for you! Contact us today to start building your Kat. 

4 Reasons Why You Need to Get a Teardrop Trailer

If you love adventure and exploring new places, a teardrop trailer will provide a one-of-a-kind experience for you! Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or you enjoy the occasional camping trip, teardrop trailers are low maintenance, durable, family-friendly, and lightweight so that they can be towed by any vehicle! 

Here are just a few reasons why you need to hop on board with the teardrop trailer movement: 

Teardrop Trailers Are Built to Last 

Teardrop trailers are made for the outdoors so that they can handle all the outdoor elements. Made with a steel frame, the teardrop trailers at MeerKat Trailers are meant for outdoor adventures with a clear purpose for fun and longevity! 

Perfect for Outdoor Adventures 

When you’re looking to purchase a camper for your next adventure, you have about 5 major categories that you can choose from. Popup Trailers, truck campers, teardrop trailers, motorhomes, and travel trailers are the most popular campers available on the market right now. Many adventure enthusiasts prefer purchasing teardrop trailers because it gives them everything they could need for an adventure while putting the accessibility of the outdoors first. 

A teardrop trailer gives you a cozy place to relax after a long day while encouraging you to spend more time outdoors. 

They Are Made With Comfort in Mind

Teardrop trailers are made with the insulation you need to get the rest that you deserve. When you purchase your teardrop trailer from MeerKat Trailers, your trailer will come equipped with an inviting 84” x 47” mattress, fantastic roof fan, and plenty of storage! Our teardrop trailers also have 2 oversized doors with a screen so that you can enjoy the view at all hours of the day. 

And for rainy days, our trailers come equipped with LED interior lighting, so you can enjoy reading or talking while listening to the peaceful rain. 

Easy to Tow 

People love their teardrop trailers because of how easy they are to tow. Our MeerKat trailer weighs just about 900lbs and is small enough to be towed by any vehicle. Having a vehicle that is easy to tow gives your endless adventure possibilities. 

Well, what are you waiting for? There are plenty of reasons for families to purchase a teardrop trailer for their next adventure. Contact MeerKat Trailers to learn more about the trailers we sell

What Should You Be Storing in The Galley of Your Teardrop Trailer?

Are you ready to start packing for your next adventure? Don’t let the stress of packing take away from your excitement. Believe it or not, your teardrop trailer offers plenty of storage, which will make packing a whole lot easier.

Cooking Supplies to Pack for Camping

One of the hardest parts about packing is deciding what you need to bring with you. To help ease your stress, we’ve created a list of some of the most important supplies you’ll need to pack and store in your galley for your next big trip!

Here are some supplies you should be bringing along with you:

A Portable Coffee Maker for The Coffee Lover

If you regularly drink coffee, one of the essential things you’re going to want to keep in your teardrop trailer is a portable coffee maker. Typically, a coffee grinder, French press, or pour over drip coffee tends to work best with these types of trailers. Plus, they’re sleek and very space-conscious when you’re looking to store them.

Airtight Containers

If you’re packing dry foods like cereal, pasta, and other snacks, airtight containers are the way to go! These containers will help keep food fresh and keep any unwanted pests out.

Dishes and Kitchen Utensils

When packing dishes and other utensils in your teardrop trailer, stay away from packing anything glass. Broken glass at your campsite is a safety hazard. Instead, aim for packing biodegradable, titanium, and stainless-steel dishware options.

Don’t Forget to Pack a Cutting Board

When meal prepping, you’ll be thanking yourself for packing a cutting board. Cutting boards come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and flex, so you are bound to find one that will fit perfectly in your trailer.

Cleaning Supplies

When you’re cooking, it’s important to clean up after to avoid attracting bugs and other animals. Make sure you’re packing an all-purpose cleaning spray, dish soap, garbage bags, paper towels, and a scrub brush to help clean your area after you’re finished cooking.

Now you’re ready to start packing! Of course, there are other cooking essentials that you may need to bring with you, but following this list is a great place to start!

If your family is on the hunt for a new trailer or camper, make sure you’re contacting the professionals at MeerKat Trailers!

How to Winterize Your Travel Teardrop Trailer

Although we don’t experience any harsh winter conditions here in California, if you are planning to take a road trip to somewhere with more winter-like conditions, then you may want to take a few preventative steps to help winterize your teardrop trailer.

Whether you plan on taking a road trip, or you’re storing your teardrop trailer in a place that experiences cold weather, here is our guide to help you winterize your vehicle:

Antifreeze for RVs

When Should You Winterize Your Teardrop Trailer?

As a rule of thumb, you should be taking steps to winterize your trailer when temperatures fall below freezing for over 24 hours. In some states, winterizing can start as soon as September, while others may not need to take these steps at all. It’s always important to keep up with your local weather forecast, as well as the other areas you may be traveling to, and always be prepared to take steps to winterize your trailer.

Drain the Water Tank

One of the first steps to winterizing your trailer is to drain out all the water. Even a small amount of water left in your system can cause cracks if it freezes. First, open up your drain valves on your freshwater tank and gray water tank if you have one. Then, you’re going to want to open fixtures like your faucets, sprayers, and showers to help the water drain out.

If you want to take it a step further, try blowing compressed air through your lines to ensure that all moisture has been removed.

Add Antifreeze

Now that the water has been removed from your pipes, you’re going to want to add your antifreeze. There are specific types of antifreeze made for RVs, so make sure you read your labels carefully. Once you pour in your RV-safe antifreeze, turn your pump/pressure switch on and run your facet and sprayer until you see the color of the antifreeze flowing through.

Spring Maintenance

When the springtime rolls around again, you can drain any antifreeze left in your system and begin preparing for the new season! 

Are you on the lookout for a teardrop trailer? If so, contact the professionals at MeerKat Trailers. Give us a call at (866) 977-7607 to learn more about our MeerKat and CampKat trailers! 

How to Properly Take Care and Maintain Your Travel Trailer

When you purchase a trailer, you expect it to last for many years. To get the most out of your travel trailer, you’ll have to make sure you’re properly maintaining it throughout the year.  

Before and after your trips, make sure you’re paying attention to these key tasks:

Tips for Maintaining Your Trailer

Wash and Wax Your Trailer

When you return from a trip, it’s always best to wash your trailer before putting it back into your storage area. That way, it will be nice and clean before you take off for your next adventure. Remember to always research the best products to use on your trailer’s make and model!  

Check the Tires and Tire Pressure

To ensure safety on the road, always check your trailers tire pressure and lug nuts. When you’re checking the vehicle’s wheel lug nuts, you’re going to want to make sure that they haven’t loosened up. If you skip this step before heading out on the road you may risk losing a tire.

At this point, you’re also going to want to check your tire pressure. If your tires are over inflated, it may cause them to explode, and damage your trailer. On the other hand, if your tires are underinflated, it can create control problems and generating more resistance on the road, which will affect your gas mileage.

Keep Your RV’s Awning Maintained

If your trailer has an awning, make sure you’re cleaning it out, so you don’t get mildew or other mold buildup. Also, by inspecting it you can catch and repair and tears or other damage early before they start to grow larger.

Make Sure Your Electrical Connection from Your Trailer to Your Car is Working

The connection between your trailer and your towing vehicle is very important to ensure safety on your trip. The electrical connection will transmit your electrical signal from your towing vehicle to your trailer. This helps turn on your trailer’s brake lights when you hit the brake pedal in your vehicle.

Purchasing a Safe and Reliable Trailer

Are you looking for your next trailer? At MeerKat Trailers, our CampKat Teardrop Trailers and our Meerkat Trailers will be perfect for your next road trip!

To learn more about our travel trailers, give us a call at 866-977-7607.

Helpful Advice for Purchasing a Trailer

If you’re looking to purchase a trailer, you’ll come to realize that there are plenty of options on the market. However, we can tell you it’s not as intimidating as it seems to choose the right trailer for you. With the right information, you’ll be able to feel confident about purchasing your new travel trailer.

Let’s take a look at some helpful tips to help you choose the right travel trailer: 

Teardrop Trailers

Decide on The Size of Your Trailer

First, you’ll want to make sure your trailer size will fit your needs. Make sure you’re choosing a travel trailer that your car can comfortably pull. If you choose a trailer that’s too heavy to pull, you’ll have a more difficult time traveling, and it could potentially cause damage to the trailer and your vehicle.

Where Will You Be Traveling?

Before purchasing your RV, think about some possible destinations that you’ll be traveling to. RVs are great if you enjoy being on the road because you can park them nearly anywhere and camp out!

When you purchase a teardrop trailer, you’ll feel confident bringing it on the road, knowing that it can fit into almost any space.

Create a Budget for Yourself

Depending on the style of RV or trailer you’re looking for, there can be a few different costs associated with ownership. You’ll first have to think about how much you are willing to spend upfront. Then, you should budget for ongoing expenses or the necessary long-term costs of ownership. Do you have room to store it in your garage during the offseason? Do you need to buy other gear for your RV?

These are all great things to think about, especially if you’re on a tight budget!

Learning How to Tow an RV

To get comfortable with towing anything, it takes a lot of patience and practice. However, if you’re already used to driving your car or truck, it should be an easy adjustment for learning how to tow. Another excellent quality of teardrop trailers is that they’re easy to tow! Their small size makes it much easier for you to learn how to brake, accelerate, and turn properly while towing.

Purchasing a Trailer

At MeerKat Trailers, our CampKat Teardrop Trailers and our MeerKat Trailers would be perfect for your next adventure.

Give us a call at (866) 977-7607, and we’ll help you learn more about our innovative and affordable travel trailers.

Incorporate Your Trailer into Your Wedding

Are you getting married? Make your wedding unique by incorporating your teardrop trailer into your special day. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, your guests will love it if you include your teardrop trailer for a fun, vintage twist to your ceremony. Although it may be hard to picture, we promise that there are quite a few ways that your trailer can make an impact on your special day.

Here are a few ways that you can use your trailer on your wedding day:

Teardrop Trailers

Use Your Trailer as a Photo Booth Backdrop

With the right decorations, your trailer can make an excellent vintage photo backdrop for your guests. Add plants, string lights, rugs, and other comfy furniture to help set the scene. Your guests will love the creative backdrop.

Turn Your Trailer into a Bar

If you’re having a smaller wedding, your teardrop trailer will make a great bar. Decorate the trunk of your teardrop trailer with flowers, string lights, and other accessories to match your wedding decor. This is the perfect spot to store extra glasses, bottles of champagne, and glasses. You can make a creative bar setup for your guests to enjoy.

Elopement Ceremonies with Teardrop Trailers

A common trend that has been receiving more coverage this year has been teardrop trailer elopements. MJ Boyle of My Tiny House Village, located in Oregon Wine Country, had this creative idea and took the teardrop wedding concept to another level. Boyle will allow couples and their witnesses to order a cake, champagne, flowers, and photography services.

Plus, the best part yet, you can park the trailer anywhere! Even if you’re not getting married, you can take this opportunity to rent out your trailer to friends and family.

Honeymooning in a Teardrop Trailer 

Whether you’re planning for a longer honeymoon or a quick weekend getaway, your trailer will make the most intimate getaway. Imagine ending your wedding night by laying under the stars!

Purchasing a Teardrop Trailer

Regardless of if you’re getting married, purchasing a teardrop trailer is an excellent family investment. At MeerKat Trailers, our CampKat Teardrop Trailer and our MeerKat Trailer is perfect for any journey. Give us a call at (866) 977-7607 to learn more! 

3 Myths About Teardrop Trailer Camping

Life on the road can be pretty exciting. You have the freedom to travel where you want, sleep where you want, and eat whatever you want. Plus, you spend some great, quality time bonding with your friends and family who join you on the road. Although we’ve discussed the benefits of camping in a teardrop trailer, it’s important to note that there are also quite a few myths out there that give people the wrong impression on teardrop trailers. 

Here are some of the popular myths that deter people from camping in teardrop trailers. 

Teardrop trailer camping

Myth #1-Teardrop Trailers Are Hard to Drive With

As long as you don’t drive recklessly on the road, teardrop trailers are manageable to tow. Teardrop trailers are small, lightweight, and don’t take up much room on the road. They are also very convenient because they can be towed by both cars and trucks. This makes your traveling much easier because you won’t need to worry about needing a truck to haul your trailer to your campsite. 

Myth #2-Travel Can Be Expensive for Teardrop Trailers 

Of course, traveling of any kind can be expensive. However, you can save a lot of money traveling by trailer. When you purchase a teardrop trailer, all you pay for is the trailer itself. Because it can be towed with your vehicle, there is no need for additional expenses. Of course, there may be a few here and there, but teardrop trailers pay for themselves if you’re an active camper. Plus, it provides you with a priceless camping experience. 

Myth #3-You Can Only Camp in Certain Spots With Your Trailer 

The luxury of having a teardrop trailer is that you can travel nearly anywhere with it. You have access to a comfortable place to sleep and other amenities that you wouldn’t get if you were tent camping. Teardrop trailers are small enough where they can fit into nearly any space. The opportunities are endless when you travel in a teardrop trailer. 

One fact that is true about teardrop trailers is that you can pick up and go anywhere you want. Teardrop trailers are perfect for those spontaneous trips and making unforgettable memories. MeerKat Trailers offers The CampKat teardrop trailer, designed to sleep two adults, if you’ve been thinking about purchasing a teardrop trailer. 

Do you have any questions? Give us a call at 866-977-7607!

How to Plan for Your First Road Trip

If you need a getaway, road trips are a great vacation that you can take with your friends, family, or even by yourself! When road tripping, you can take your home on the road and stay however long you’d like in a given area. With some research and planning, you can have a relaxing and fun getaway on the road!

RV Road Trips

Choose a Destination 

If this is your first road trip, it’s always a better idea to choose a destination that’s not too far away from home. Preparing for traveling in a vehicle is different from preparing to hop on a flight and travel to your vacation destination. Because you aren’t used to traveling on the road, it’s nice to plan a short trip that’s not too far from home, just in case you need to return back quickly.

Choose a Route to Travel

Once you pick your destination, it’s now time to plan on how you’re arriving. There are often a few routes you can take to get to your destination. Some drivers prefer to take the scenic backroads instead of driving on busy highways when they are traveling. Looking up your route beforehand can help you plan out how long it will take you to get to your destination and will allow you to pre-plan your meal and gas stops along the way.

Pack the Essentials 

How you pack for your trip will all depend on the length of the journey. However, there are always essentials to pack such as warm clothing, adventure gear, a first aid kit, and appropriate footwear that you will need to remember to bring on your trip!

Traveling by vehicle also gives you the luxury to pack items from home that you would often be restricted to bring on a plane. You’ll have room to pack larger toiletries, food, camping chairs, and sleeping gear. Plus, if you’re not driving, don’t forget to bring entertainment such as headphones, books, games, and magazines to help pass the time!

Travel By MeerKat Trailers and Campers

At Little Guy Trailers our CampKat Teardrop Trailer and our MeerKat Trailer is perfect for any journey. Want to know more information? Give us a call at (866) 977-7607 to learn more about the innovative, affordable travel trailers we offer!

Health Benefits of Camping

There is no better feeling than taking in the fresh air of the great outdoors. Many people enjoy planning a camping trip because they are trying to escape their suburban or city lifestyle and they’re looking for an adventure. Whether you like to explore, fish, or you just like embracing nature, camping offers you some valuable relaxation time that may help you live a longer, healthier life.

If you regularly camp or you’re looking to start, check out the many benefits that camping offers!

Health Benefits of Camping

Camping Helps You Socialize 

Although camping alone can be relaxing, bringing along a close friend or family member will give you a unique experience that can help create a happy and healthy relationship. Plus, if you plan on camping on a public campground, you may have the opportunity to socialize with others nearby.

Socializing can help extend your lifespan and can help delay memory problems. Also, building trusting, close relationships can help boost your mood and make you feel good. Next time you’re thinking of planning a getaway, try inviting one of your friends to come along!

Exercise While Camping 

One of the best benefits of camping is that you spend a lot of time performing physical activities. Whether you’re fishing, bike riding, or going for a walk, you burn more calories than you would be sitting at home or in your office! Performing any cardiovascular exercise will help keep your heart and lungs healthy. Plus, if you enjoy fishing and hunting, you’ll likely eat a lot of protein and healthy fats on your trip!

Camping Helps You Take Vitamin D 

When you’re outside in direct sunlight, your body takes on a lot of Vitamin D, which helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorus. Being in direct sunlight helps boost your mood by helping even out the melatonin levels in your brain. Melatonin is a chemical that makes you feel tired and can lead to you experiencing feelings of depression. Overall, the sunshine exposure can help your mood during and after your trip.

A Good Night’s Sleep While Camping 

Assuming that you have great camping gear, you’ll fall asleep soundly after a day full of outdoor fun. Sleep can affect all of your body processes, as well as, help reduce inflammation, improve your cardiovascular system, and help you stay alert. Try camping in a teardrop trailer or a mini RV trailer for a better sleep cycle when you return.

Do you need a trailer for your next camping trip? Call (866) 977-7606 to learn more about our relaxing, affordable trailers we offer today!