3 Reasons to Choose a MeerKat Trailer

If you’re interested in purchasing a travel trailer to explore the country, head out to a local campground or anything in between, a MeerKat trailer is the perfect option.

MeerKats are compact and lightweight, making them easy to transport and store, allow you to sleep comfortably and can be customized both inside and out to meet your needs.

When you’re ready for an adventure and want to travel in style, make the smart choice by choosing this one-of-a-kind travel trailer.

MeetKat trailer at campsite

Easy to tow & store

MeerKat trailers are ideal for those who have smaller cars and don’t have the ability to tow a larger RV. These travel trailers weigh only 900 pounds, making them easy to tow on any type of road without having to worry about stress on your vehicle or bad fuel economy.

These trailers are also easy to maneuver on highways because of their size and can be stored in nearly all garages with ease.

Great for those who love the outdoors & comfort

Investing in an RV or travel trailer requires you to get out in nature, but that doesn’t mean you have to rough it. If you prefer to sleep in an actual bed instead of on the ground in a tent, a travel trailer is a great option.

These trailers come equipped with a rollout bed system that can comfortably sleep you and your travel buddy. They also feature several standard amenities that include interior LED lights, a camp stove, sink, porta potty, closet, three opening windows, a 12 volt/110 power system and more.

Can be customized to meet your needs

While the standard MeerKats offered come with nearly every amenity you would need, there are several other customizable options available to make your trailer feel more like home. They include everything from refrigerators to full awning systems, side room tents, bed extenders and more.

The outside of your MeerKat can also be customized to meet your design needs with a wide range of color options available in both striped and solid options.

To learn more about MeerKat Trailers and all of the options we have available, we invite you to visit our San Diego, CA location at your earliest convenience or to give us a call at (866) 977-7607 to learn more!