The MeerKat

MeerKat Trailers & Campers

A Meerkat is a small animal that travels in groups. It stands tall and pokes its head up to look around. Meerkats tend to gather in groups and they are very cute – just like the MeerKat travel trailer. The MeerKat is the perfect trailer for people who own small cars, allowing them to enjoy the fuel economy that their everyday car offers, even when towing a trailer. MeerKat owners enjoy getting out into nature to relax. They are people who enjoy camping, but don’t want to sleep on the ground anymore. The MeerKat is for somebody who understands that bigger is not always better and would rather be camping and exploring than preparing an RV and a big tow vehicle for a trip, or dealing with grey water, black water, and fresh water tanks at the end of a trip. The MeerKat weighs in at only 900 pounds and is easily maneuvered by hand. Just unhook it from your car and you can easily push it into place. It will fit in a standard garage so there is no need for an expensive storage bill.